PhD & MA Theses on Chinese Language Education/Socialization (last 5 yrs)

NOTE: all UBC dissertations/theses can be downloaded from our UBC repository: cIRcle

  • Liam Doherty (in progress).
  • Ai Mizuta (2017). PhD Dissertation.
    • Memories of language lost and learned: Parents and the shaping of Chinese as a heritage language in Canada.
  • Fiona Bewley (2018). MA Thesis.
    • Culture and language ideology in Chinese foreign language textbooks: A thematic analysis.
  • Li Shuang (2018). MA Thesis.
    • Motivation of Mandarin speakers learning Cantonese in a transnational context: multilingualism and investment.
  • Sumin Fang (2015). MA Thesis.
    • Engagement with Chinese Popular Culture in Adult Mandarin Language Learning and Socialization.