CRCLLE 2019 Research Roundtable

2019 Chinese Language Education Research Roundtable 


Speaker Affiliation Topic
Patsy Duff (organizer)


Danping Wang

Adam Sheard




Univ Auckland, NZ


CRCLLE history & work with Duanduan, Raymond & Liam on Chinese as a heritage language; pop culture; SLA


YouTube intro to research in NZ on Chinese SLA

Trial IT program/components through ARTS-ISIT for teaching languages (including Chinese)

Duanduan Li Asian Studies Chinese language curriculum and instruction: Challenges and opportunities
Qian Wang Asian Studies Creating a local learning community to reinvigorate the Chinese Language Program
Xiaowen Xu Asian Studies Integrating academic writing training into course design for advanced Chinese language courses in the field of literature
Hsiang-ning (Sunnie) Wang Asian Studies Exploring identity through community-based learning in beginner-level heritage language courses
Raymond Pai LLED & Asian Studies Pop culture in Chinese language pedagogy; learning/teaching Cantonese as an additional/heritage language
Zoe Lam Asian Studies Chinatown as a site for place-based education of Cantonese language and culture
Guofang Li LLED Impact of home and school factors on early Chinese heritage language learning (SSHRC Insight Grant Research)
Liam Doherty LLED Online language mentoring of adult learners in L2 Chinese context: What we can learn from mentors’ approaches to pedagogy
Klara Abdi LLED Transnational Canada ßàChina migration and (language) education: Challenges for families (especially mothers)
Dmitri Detwyler LLED 1.  Investigating effects of identities and social capital in own Mandarin literacy learning career in Taiwan, the US, and Canada for edited volume chapter

2.  Studying professional knowledge and interaction among language teachers (including Chinese) for PhD study

Lewis Cheng LLED Using historical documents to teach Chinese language and culture
Ai Mizuta LLED Comparison between Chinese Canadian parents of different generations of immigration regarding their investment and access to their children’s Chinese language education.
Zhuo Sun LLED Investigating transnational roots for CHL teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices in a community language school (doctoral dissertation research)